Ultrasonography is an indispensable modality in medical imaging. Ultrasound imaging has the advantages of being cost-effective, portable, and especially lack of ionizing radiation. In recent years, ultrasound has been used to study hard tissues like bone because the mechanical vibration provides the elasticity information of the bone tissues, an important parameter relevant to bone quality.

This lecture will tend to provide a brief overview of the ultrasound imaging, starting from the fundamental physics governing the propagation of ultrasound, the transducer, and imaging principles. At the end, some applications of ultrasound to study bone tissues and the relevant research perspectives will be presented.

Schedule on 21/2/2014:

9h 30

: Ultrasound physics.


: Interaction of ultrasound with matter.

10h 30

: Coffee break.

11h 00

: Transducer and beam properties.


: The lunch is provided for the participants.


: Imaging principles.


: Coffee break.


: Application of ultrasound to study bone tissues.


Conference Hall, the 3rd floor, Institute of Physics,
No 10 Daotan, Badinh, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Target attendants and registration:

This course is priority for senior undergraduates and graduate students. Interested participant will be cordially invited as well. Please send an email to nlhoai@iop.vast.ac.vn or contact to the number: 04 3766 2164 for more informations and registration.

Deadline for registration: 18/2/2014.



Prof. Nguyen Ai Viet (IOP)

Dr. Ngo Van Thanh (IOP)

Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam Hoai (IOP)


Dr. Lawrence Trong-Huan Le (Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging, University of Alberta, Canada.)

Professor Le was born in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. He obtained his PhD in geophysics from the University of Alberta. He did his postdoc training in Schlumberger-Doll Research, Connecticut and later joined the geophysics department, University of Calgary, Canada as a research associate. In mid-1990, he did his medical physics residency training and has been with the Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, University of Alberta since 1999.

He is currently a professor in medical physics specializing in X-ray and ultrasound. He is a graduate coordinator of the department. He is also a medical physicist responsible for the radiation protection and quality control program in Alberta Health Services.

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